3-Steps to Unlimited Cash-Back

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3-Steps to Unlimited Cash-Back

You get a FREE lifetime membership to earn unlimited residual income, bonus cash & free products.

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3-Steps to Unlimited Cash-Back

You get unlimited FREE shipping on all products.

Value: $150/year

3-Steps to Unlimited Cash-Back

You get immediate access to an increasing number of digital & downloadable products in all Non-US English speaking countries.

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3-Steps to Unlimited Cash-Back

You get 2 FREE educational success e-books to help you build a successful online business.

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3-Steps to Unlimited Cash-Back

Every month you will receive a FREE bonus e-book on a subject matter of our 4 Pillars of Success when you purchase any size order.

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With the click of a button from your mobile phone or computer, you get paid to share links with your Facebook friends what you like about products you’ve purchased. Download our Product Testimonial PDF Guide.

To earn money by referral links…when they come back to make a purchase, you get paid 30% cash-back on their initial purchase. Then when they shop and share… you earn 5% cash-back on the purchases of the next 100,000 people who follow you.

When you continue to shop & share… you can win extra cash bonuses, shopping sprees, free products & participate in monthly cash-reward & cash-back contests.

There are no monthly fees and you only have to purchase a small amount of products to get paid on all the people who follow you who shop and those who get paid to share links.

3-Steps to Unlimited Cash-Back

Get Paid $1+ / Person on 100K Followers to

Earn $100K+ / Month

3-Steps to Unlimited Cash-Back
3-Steps to Unlimited Cash-Back



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What Other Shoppers Are Saying…

3-Steps to Unlimited Cash-Back

Get Paid $1+ / Person on 100K Followers to

Earn $100K+ / Month

3-Steps to Unlimited Cash-Back

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3-Steps to Unlimited Cash-Back

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Here’s How It Works

The system works in just 3 simple steps:

Step 1

Get paid to shop The 1 Hour Workweek when you choose from 1,000’s of retail products. In return, you’ll get paid monthly Cash-Back via direct deposit, wire transfer, PayPal, paper check or prepaid debit card.

Step 2

Purchase $25 in products to activate your free membership. Earn money by referral link. Get paid 30% Cash-Back per referral sign-up initial purchase when you share our referring link. See our Membership Backoffice Guide.

Step 3

Purchase a minimum of $25 in monthly products. Get paid 5% Cash-Back on the next 100,000 referral sign ups who follow you. See our Cash-Back Rebate Plan.

Want to join to avoid wasting time, money and energy?

Shop online and earn 30% cash-back on self-referred customers then earn 5% cash-back on the next 100,000 customers.

You Will Gain More…

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Time Freedom
Financial Freedom

Want to spend more time doing the things you really love to do?

3-Steps to Unlimited Cash-Back

How Will This Benefit You?

What we give you for free would cost you $1,500 to $2,500 per year in membership fees alone. But we give you our services 100% free of charge. That way you have ZERO financial risk by signing up. You only pay for the products you consume while shopping.

Our retailers give us a commission on every product bought by you or your network. We then pay 60-100% of our profits back to you through our 5 X 6 forced matrix plan (See our Cash Back Reward Plan for more details). This includes:

  • Join a united cause
  • Free membership
  • Work from home
  • Earn money by referral link
  • Get paid to shop online
  • 30% Cash-Back on referred customers’ purchases
  • 5% Cash-Back on 100,000 customers’ purchases
  • Only 1-hour per week work needed
  • Zero start-up cost
  • No competing with other affiliate marketers
  • No selling required
  • No website required
  • No monthly commitments
  • Free viral marketing tools
  • No content writing needed
  • 150,000 high-quality drop-ship products
  • 1-click checkout
  • Free customer support
  • 24-7 chat blot support
  • Free Android & iPhone apps
  • Free business management
  • Plus, much more!
3-Steps to Unlimited Cash-Back

What Will Your Life Look Like After Using Our Service?

You will take control of who you can become…

3-Steps to Unlimited Cash-Back

You will be extremely happy and full of vibrant energy.

3-Steps to Unlimited Cash-Back

You can become extremely physically fit…even at 78!

3-Steps to Unlimited Cash-Back

You will have an abundant time to spend with family, friends and loved ones.

3-Steps to Unlimited Cash-Back

You will have unlimited Cash-Back income.

Ultimately…you will become happier, healthier, stress-free and financially-independent.

Want to travel the world to exotic destinations?

What People (Just Like You) Have to Say

I couldn’t get enough people to purchase my network marketing products. I became discouraged and wanted to quit. But with the 1-Hour Workweek, it was easy to invite my friends with their simple marketing tools to take a look at the offer. It took less than 1 day for me to realize that this business was for me. My friends started joining right away. With the 1 Hour Workweek, I don’t feel that I’m selling a product. I feel like I have joined a movement that about to change what it really means to market a business for a common everyday person like myself.

(Jeff White, RN, New Orleans LA)

In my online business, I had trouble finding the right prospects that would be interested in my products. I didn’t know who to turn to in helping me to figure this out. However, The 1-Hour Workweek has over 100,000 quality products to choose from. After looking at all of the product selection it has to offer, it reminded me of a mini-Amazon. I knew my problem was would be solved with such a broad selection. With the 1 Hour Workweek, I feel less stressed out and I really believe for the first time I can build a successful business without the pain or hassle associated with running an online business. I’m making good income already. Boy…I can’t wait to see what my future is going be like over the next 12 months.

(Timothy Peppay, Norman OK)

I couldn’t find enough time in the day to devote to another part-time business. All of the ones I tried required too much of my time. I really felt that this was simply too much with my busy schedule. But with The 1-Hour Workweek, I only had to devote 1-hour per week to grow a successful business…right from my personal computer. I was excited right away because I started get results very quickly and I never felt the overwhelmed with the little time I had to devote. With the 1 Hour Workweek, I can continue to work my fulltime job and take care of my family until I can replace my income with this incredible business opportunity. Bravo!!

(Tracy Barnett, RN, Snellville, GA)

Want to buy the things you need to live safe and secure?

We Got A Solution That Works Every Time!

We know how frustrating it can be for you to build your network or online marketing business. Your main reason for building your business in the first place is to eventually create financial-independence and time-freedom.

In an effort to grow their businesses…most network marketers try selling their products and services to all sorts of people. They give home parties and they teach people in their downline organizations how to replicate the marketing process.

Likewise, most online marketers work hard at converting their prospects into paying customers. They are constantly on the lookout for newer products and better services that may appeal to their customers.

Unfortunately, very few marketers can earn a decent living doing these things. Often time it becomes very expensive, time-consuming and unsustainable in the long run.

But don’t worry! With our 3 step process…you get to avoid all of these marketing barriers and roadblocks that are stopping you from achieving the time-freedom and financial-freedom that you deserve.

3-Steps to Unlimited Cash-Back
3-Steps to Unlimited Cash-Back

We know you don’t’ want to waste anymore of your precious time, money and energy from dealing with a bunch of network and online marketing opportunities that keep promising you “a life of luxury and financial-freedom”.

Not only can you join our network for FREE, but you only have to spend just 1 hour per week earning unlimited streams of passive income. To keep your cost to a bare minimum, you only need to purchase $25 in retail products that you get to consume. The truth of the matter…this is something that you are already doing so it doesn’t create any new actions.

The biggest difference is that as a member of our network, you get paid 30% cash back on all purchases of the people you refer. You then earn 5% Cash-Back on the next 100,000 customers who follow you when they make a purchase.

During the 1-hour you spend working, you simply share our pre-written messages with your social media friends using our free marketing tools. And we will handle the rest.

A year from now, are you going to remember today as just another day, or are you going to remember it as the day you chose to make a difference and start living the life of your dreams?

If you’re ready to change your life for the better, click the START YOUR FREE MEMBERSHIP button BELOW and start your journey to happiness, better health, freedom and prosperity.

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3-Steps to Unlimited Cash-Back

Presently…we offer over 150,000+ high-quality products to champion our core purpose. We plan to add over 500,000 new products in the future.

However…if you are among the next 1,000 people who sign-up first to begin achieving our 4 Pillars of Success and to join our team of network and online marketers in advancing our movement across the US, you will be entered into our sweepstakes draw to win a brand new Apple iPhone 8 Plus that’s valued at over $700 plus tax.

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And if you’re not satisfied with your purchase…you may return your unopened products within 15 days for a full refund.

Likewise…if you really want to maximize your future income earning potential…you can register up to 5 separate membership accounts.

Each membership account can generate up to 20,000 customers. To take advantage of this incredible offer, each account will require a separate $25 minimal product purchase along with different email addresses and username [We recommend creating an email folder to store your accounts for future reference].

NOTE: After your initial registration, be sure that you are logged into your account when making a purchase. Otherwise, there’s no way to track you. Each time you make a purchase, you will receive credit towards your $25 threshold to get a 5% Cash Back on up to the next 100,000 customers.

So what are you waiting for? Get your FREE membership today and start your journey to a life of time-freedom and financial-independence.

We’re looking forward to you joining our community of network and online marketing in making a different in the lives of other marketers in pursuit of happiness, better health, time-freedom and financial freedom!

“Most network and online marketers have trouble achieving financial-freedom and time-freedom. We help them to achieve these things with a simple 3-step success formula.” Get paid for shopping today!

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