How Does Our 5 X 6 Customer Cash Back Reward Plan Work?

[You only need 3 customers to earn back your $25 product fee.]

With our 5 X 6 Customer Cash Back Reward Plan (CCBRP), you don’t have to be one of the top 3%ers who were born to be successful. To the contrary, you can be one of the 97%ers who are considered average or even a below average achievers. You can earn Cash Back income at the same level of the top 3%ers.

In a 5 X 6 CCBRP, there are 5 customers on your first level. When this level fills to 5 customers, it spills over to level #2 which contains 25 customers. It then spills over to your 3rd level with 125 customers. This process will continue until all 6 levels are completely filled for a total of 19,530 customers.

Customer Cash Back Reward Plan

When you join our free network and purchase $25 in retail products, you are immediately placed into our 5 X 6 Customer Cash Back Reward Plan. Using our free marketing tools, you can begin inviting others to join our free network.

Over time…this process will begin to replicate itself when your friends invite their friend…who invite their friend…who invite their friends…over and over again on multiple different levels…until your matrix is completely filled with potentially 19,530 customers.

Based on average $25 purchase by all customers
LEVELPurchase AmountCash Back%CustomersMonthly Cash BackCompositeValue/ Customer


Must purchase $25 minimum monthly retail products to receive Cash Back.

The Basic Features of our Customer Cash Back Reward Plan Include:

  • Limited width. That is to say that the width on the first level of customers is a set number of customers that usually ranges from two to five customers.
  • Defined Depth. As more customers enroll, they go under those first level customers and down a set number of levels until the matrix is filled. If, for example, there were 3 first-level customers, there could be 9 customers on the second level, and 27 customers on the third level, etc. The company promoting the products or services will determine how many levels deep they will pay Cash Back on in their specific Customer Cash Back Reward Plan.
Customer Cash Back Reward Plan
  • There is less emphasis on sponsoring a large number of people. Limiting the number of frontline customers causes some important features. Any customers that you sponsor beyond your first line customers must by nature be placed underneath others in the Cash Back plan.
  • There is greater focus on helping your downline customers become successful in sponsoring new customers. However, in the case of The 1-Hour Workweek, our set-up is socially driven…meaning friends refer friends refer friends refer friends so there is less emphasis on sponsoring new customers. 
  • Spillover” is the placing of new customers under others in the plan when an upline / sponsor places new customers into your organization. It is an exciting feature of our Customer Cash Back Reward Plan.

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