Access for all Earn Money for Shopping

For 24 years, our CEO and founder, Tarence Wade, M.D. who worked as an ER physician, experienced the financial pains & frustrations as well as the disparity in access to adequate healthcare for many of the people he served.

Many were faced with long-term unemployment and couldn’t afford a primary physician.  Some became disabled from injuries where they could no longer work. Others had chronic and debilitating health conditions and couldn’t afford even a $5 prescription to treat their conditions.  He saw 3 major social crisis that existed in the people he vowed to serve.

  • They were unhappy, depressed and filled with anxiety from dealing with long-term unemployment and the lack of opportunity.

  • They had poor and declining health issues from the lack of access to affordable healthcare and proper health education.

  • They didn’t have the financial infrastructure to take care of the basic needs (e.g. adequate nutrition, clothing, shelter, healthy living conditions, etc.) for themselves and their families.

Out of sheer frustration and concern, Dr. Wade vowed that he would spend the rest of his life helping network and online marketers all over the world to achieve his 4 Pillars of Success. So why you’re waiting for? Join our “Earn Money for Shopping” program now.