Our Core Values

Our Core Values are the rules and boundaries that:

  • Define our company’s culture
  • Define our personality
  • Provide a final should or shouldn’t test for all the behaviors and decisions by everyone in the company.

It’s especially important that we lead by example, making sure our behaviors and decisions align with our core values.

We Cherish The “Golden Rule”. We do unto others as we would have them do unto us. This includes employees, investors and customers. It helps everyone do the right thing: to enrich the lives they touch.

We Do What We Say We’re Going to Do, On Time & On Budget. It’s the threads that connect us and hold us together. It allows us to share in each other’s successes & victories. It helps us realize how much we owe one another and how much we rely on one another. And above all, it’s each of our responsibility.

We Practice Open, Real Communication. We always tell the truth. We do the right thing, no matter what. Politics and finessing serve no role in our organization. We like honest disagreement, real feedback, the brutal facts and transparency-it’s what drives us forward. Our open communication allows for real discussions that lead to real progress.

We’re Enthusiastically Focused On Delivering Results. We let the main thing be the main thing to stay on message and to keep everyone heading in the same direction.

We Believe In Marketers And Their Dreams. Whether it’s a work-at-home mom starting from scratch or a full-time dad needing extra revenue to feed his family, it’s their dreams that power small business success. Everything we do is in honor of people who want to achieve their goals, fulfill their dreams or create something bigger than themselves. Here’s to the dreamers.

We Innovate and Constantly Improve. Our goals are aggressive, and they demand innovation. It’s in our nature. And it’s the only way we’re going to accomplish everything we’ve set out to do. So we share ideas, find new projects, and inspire each other daily.

It’s Easy, Simple and Safe.