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Black Bar Paparazzi Glasses


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Black Bar Paparazzi Glasses


Be “unseen” wearing these Black Bar Paparazzi Glasses.

On their own, the glasses appear to be ridiculous looking sunglasses. In a social setting, they instantly become the life of the party. Inhibitions fade away. You’re immediately popular with the “in” crowd. Others will wonder if you’re famous or dangerous.


Black Bar Paparazzi Glasses look and photograph just like censor bars.

Perfect for wedding parties, bachelor parties, club-hopping, questionable behavior and risqué situations.


IMPORTANT: Black Bars offer no promise of anonymity and may draw unwanted attention (may we suggest medical attention). It is possible (quite probable) these will make you appear ridiculous. Do not operate heavy machinery while wearing Black Bars at night. Pants may be required (check local city ordinances). Keep Black Bars away from children and humorless adults. Laugh at yourself. (everyone else will be).

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Black Bar Paparazzi Glasses


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