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Courage & Confidence Mix ~ Genuine Gemstone Mix


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♥ This mixed bracelet possesses stones that help to remove energy blocks in order to boost confidence and courage. It also helps to get through emotional trauma that may have been experienced in the past.


Courage & Confidence Mix ~ Genuine Aqua Terra Jasper, Bloodstone, Moss Agate, Muscovite, Rose Quartz, Sodalite and Yellow Calcite Bracelet


Aqua Terra Jasper – A stone of tranquility – Helps to bring inner peace – Attracts what you want in life – Helps to heal your health


Bloodstone – Improves circulation throughout the whole body – Helps to remove energy blocks


Muscovite – A stone of awareness and intuition – Helps to lessen self doubt – Promote a positive attitude and unconditional love


Moss Agate – A Stone of Nature – New beginnings – Promotes emotional balance and good health – Releases old habits and allowing forgiveness – Attracts abundance and improves self-esteem – Helps the wearer’s general health and working to get through physical and emotional trauma


Rose Quartz – The love stone – Helps the wearer to nurture and love the self – Brings calming and reassuring energy during tough times – Helps the female reproductive system, release stress and improve the circulatory system.


Sodalite – Brings confidence to the shy and timid – Improves courage to those who are oversensitive and defensive – Widens the perspective of the wearer


Yellow Calcite – Helps the Solar Plexus Chakra – Stimulates intellect – Boosts energy levels – Increases personal power, hope and self-worth


White Howlite – A calm and peaceful stone – Helps to reduce anxiety and stress – Encourages emotional healing and removing selfish, rude and greedy behaviors – Helps the bones.

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