We’re Safe and Secure

Our 3rd brand promise is that we are safe and secure. With our EASY PAY service.  We have teamed up with Tipalti’s global payment gateway to get your Cash-Back Rebate the easy & secure way.  They boast their OFAC Compliance Software.

 In fact, we are the only company with a multi-level payout plan who has passed their rigorous legal compliance review process.

Here’s the bottom line. Tipalti has partnered with us because they know that we’re serious about who we were, what we do and what we stand for. We are not here to shoot you a lot of BS, fake promises or disappointing rhetoric. We’re here to deliver you our 4 Pillars of Success.

Tipalti clients include big name companies like Uber, Houzz, Dockers, Twitter, GoDaddy, CloudFlare and many other reputable world-class businesses.


We use Square gateway to process your credit card transactions. As an industry-leading security platform, they invest heavily in security technology and build it into every aspect of their payments platform.

Being fully PCI compliant, from the time you use your credit card or enter your information, payment data is encrypted until it reaches Square’s processing environment. Their proprietary tokenization scheme ensures that unencrypted payment data never touches our website structures or application.

With Square, you are in control of your account and card details. After each transaction, receipts are automatically sent to your registered email address and you can easily unlink your card via the receipt sent to you at any time.