Why Rate Us

Our mission is to enrich the lives of our affiliate partners and our customer care specialists. We are here to develop an ongoing relationship with you, not just to assist you on a one-off purchase transaction.

Therefore…as an affiliate partner you have a 100% obligation and duty to help us to improve customer services on your behalf because YOU’RE THE BOSS.

Simply put. In order to find ways to provide you more happiness, more health and wellness, more freedom and more prosperity, we need you to RATE US after each and every interaction you experience with our company.

Your rating will help us to simplify, improve or automate the process. Likewise…we will be able to eliminate problems or concerns in order to improve your customer experience and to provide you engaging self- service.

For example…

  • Rate each of our vendor partners on our support page after each purchase and upon submitting your purchase receipt.
  • Rate our customer care specialists after each live chat, phone or email interaction.
  • Rate each of our departments and customer care specialists you communicate with in that department.
  • Rate our videos.
  • Rate whether we are living up to our Mission & Core Values.
  • Email us messages to get detailed help. This will help us to simplify, automate, or eliminate your concerns, complaints, needs or issues in the future.

Your comments, suggestions and recommendations provide us important coaching and feedback messages that are passed along to our customer care specialists. We discuss your input during our daily, weekly and monthly meeting so that we integrate your feedback into our daily rhythm.

Your comments and input will allow us to know how we are doing on our mission to enrich lives. It helps everyone to do the right thing.

We will use your input for learning, improvement and motivation. Every interaction allows us to deepen our relationship with you. It helps us to know when we’re succeeding and when we’re falling short. This way we put you at the heart of everything we do.

Our goal is to not only be the best at customer service in our industry, but to be considered among the elite service brands in the world.  See our 3 Brand Promise!

Customer Care Specialist (CCS)

We recognize that having happy and enriched customer care specialists is critical to having happy and enriched customers. We therefore survey our customer care specialists regularly to determine how likely they would recommend our company as a good place to work.

The lives of our customer care specialists are much better when we find much better way to delight you, our affiliate partner.

Our customer care specialists must be able to treat customers and colleagues in a manner that makes them proud.  When leaders and their teams consistently treat people right, then our organization can truly be worthy of loyalty.

Our Core Values

We can measure our mission when we can measure our core values. We want to do the right thing for our customers. We want to create a great place to work. Our values are a part of our mission, our vision and our reason for being. We adhere to the Golden Rule: We believe in treating our customers like we would want to be treated.

But we can only know that we’re living our values everyday with your input. When you rate us we can measure our success and realize if we are achieving our core values and our mission.

The Bottom Line: “Rate US” after each and every interaction with us. Your input is the direct link for us to provide you more health, more happiness, more freedom and more prosperity.