Why Shop With Us

As an online shopper…

How would you like to tap into an online retail store and earn unlimited Cash-Back rebates…without pain or hassle?

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First, we’re going to list 20 reasons why you should shop with the best 50 online shopping sites.

Then…we’re are going give you 2 powerful reason why you should join our FREE network.

20 Reasons Why Shop from the Best 50 Online Shopping Sites: 

  • Product reviews make it easy to find top products [Amazon]
  •  Free two day shipping on millions of items [Walmart]
  •  Free Returns [Gymshark, Athleta, Superdry, Timberland]
  •  Free shipping on every order [Target]
  •  Free returns on every order [Target]
  •  Frequent sales [Macy’s]
  •  Pay just $10 for free two day shipping for the whole year [Sephora]
  •  Free shipping when you spend $30 [Glossier]
  •  Hassle free returns, even if you’ve already opened the product [The Body Shop]
  •  90-day returns [Home Depot, ThinkGeek]
  •  Purchases are fully exchangeable [Cloud 9 Living]
  •  Cancel anytime [Graze]
  •  Special deals section with extra savings [Samsung]
  •  Buy two get one free promotions [Superdry]
  •  24-hour customer support by phone or live chat [Urban Outfitters]
  •  Free and easy returns [Zappos]
  •  Free, Fast Shipping [Zappos]
  •  Hassle free returns [Nasty Gal]
  •  Students save 20% [Boohoo, Forever 21, Samsung]
  •  Shipping is only $5, or free if you spend $150 [J. Crew]

The “2 Reasons” why You Should Shop With Us:

Reason #1

Every month when you purchase a minimum of $25 worth of retail products, we pay you 30% cash-back on all self referred customers then pay you 5% cash-back on the monthly retail purchases made by the next 19,530 customers who follow you.

In fact, you can create up to 5 membership accounts with the same email address and get paid on nearly 100,000 customers. You simply need to purchase $25 on each of your memberships.

Reason #2

There are other cash back programs such as Ebates, Mr. Rebate and TopCashBack. Here’s a list of the best cash back shopping portals. However, none of these services can pay you our unlimited cash-back rebates and offer you our 4 Pillars of Success.

So ask yourself? Does shopping our online retail store exceed the 20 reasons to shop from the best 50 online shopping sites or any of the other cash back programs or when you compare us against other direct marketing companies? “YesYesYesYes” or “Heck No”.